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The mists of Avalon -
when I first read this book long ago, I felt that I was holding more in my hands than just a wonderfull work of phantasy- fiction with historical background. It appeared to carry some meaning far beyond that for me, to be almost some kind of a bible. It was many jears later, when I began to surf the web and look for "Avalon", that I discovered plenty of most interesting sites, new nature- religions such as Paganism and Wicca. Then I realized that Avalon begins to rise out of the mists again.

Misty by Noel Mollon
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The book has many interesting aspects (concerning literature, history, religion, psychology, etc.) and I dedicated a special chapter to every one them. Each of these Pages is a submenue that leads to several subchapters. Follow "next" to take a roundtour - "home" gets you back here wherever you are, so you can't get lost ;-)

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Small Bullet Unsolved secrets oh history
Small Bullet The book by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Small Bullet Glastonbury - The "isle" today
Small Bullet The Sisterhood of Avalon
Small Bullet Celtic history and religion
Small Bullet Celtic revival - Paganism and Wicca
Small Bullet Wicked witches? Black Magic?
Small Bullet Strong women (Amazons, Xena, Scarlett etc.)
Small Bullet Last not least: My secrets ;-)

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All of those chapters are added to frequently. Please visit me often to look how I am getting on!

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