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The old ways unforgotten - Paganism and Wicca

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T he old nature- religions have not been forgotten, even in these modern days. There are religious congregations of different kinds who keep up and renew the old beliefs. The word for these is "Pagans", one of the most wellknown branches of them who have the most followers are the "Wicca". In America the official number of Pagans amounts to over 100 000 today.

B ut this religion has lots of different beliefs and rituals. And besides there are a lot of 'single practitioners' who found their own truths by themselves and dont belong to a coven. The web is a good opportunity for them to share their thoughts with others and so there are lots of highly informative and beautifully made up sites about paganism.

I made up a number of pages in German on the several aspects of Paganism but didn't manage to translate them yet. So if you understand German, please use the link above 'Deutscher Text' - If not, please be patient and for the time beeing I will give you just some of my favourite links as an example.

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